Chris Heinrich

Chris Heinrich



Physics PhD from the University of Chicago. Interested in a range of problems in machine learning, technology and science. Some current interests include:

  • Applying machine learning to solve problems in the renewable energy

  • 3D deep learning and 3D reconstruction

  • Applications of ML to science



Ubiquity6, computer vision engineer

October 2018 - Present

Working at the intersection of engineering and research to develop novel deep-learning based 3D reconstruction algorithms to support high resolution, crowd-sourced 3D mapping.

Triple, Co-Founder and CEO

2017 - Present

Triple develops software to power immersive ecommerce using augmented reality and machine learning. Learn more at

University of Chicago, Research assistant in Dept. of Physics

January 2014 - 2017

Developed exactly solvable models for novel quantum phases of matter, with a focus on the role of topology and symmetry in electron and spin systems.

Knowvio, co-founder and ceo

2012 - 2016

Knowvio published education apps for STEM subjects on the iOS platform. Learn more at here.


University of Chicago

Ph.D. Physics
Graduated May 2017


Indiana university

B.S. Physics
Graduated May 2012


indiana university

B.S. Mathematics cum laude
Graduated May 2012


Email: <this-domain-name>
Address: los angeles, Ca